Tsarevna Miladinova-Alexieva (1856-1934)

Born in Struga in a teachers family. She graduated from a high school in Kiev. She had been working as a teacher in Shoumen, Etropole, Svishtov, Prilep and the Bulgarian girls’ gymnasium in Thessaloniki. Her memories were published after her death by her son. She Continue Reading

Emerging female participation in the public sphere: first women schools, female high schools, access to university: the presentation of the female teacher in the 19 century (Bulgaria)

The first evidences of Bulgarian female education are from the end of the 18th – early 19th century, when the idea still had no social support. At that time, the girls were trained by nuns in few monasteries. (Anastassia Dimitrova) Only in 1841, in occasion Continue Reading

Ekaterina Karavelova (1860-1947)

Born in Rousse in a poor family. She graduated from a female high school in Moscow. She had been working as a high school teacher in the Rousse, Plovdiv and Sofia female high schools. Translator of French and Russian, writer and journalist. Wife of Petko Continue Reading

Eugenia Reuss-Ianculescu (1865/1866-1938)

Feminist, writer. She founded ‘Liga drepturilor si datoriilor femeilor’ in Iasi in 1911. Member of the Central committee of the International Women Suffrage Alliance.

Emilia Puhallo-Lungu (1853-1932)

Romanian journalist and feminist. She founded in 1872, the first feminist association in Banat, in Timisoara, `Reuniunea doamnelor`.