Ekaterina Karavelova (1860-1947)

Born in Rousse in a poor family. She graduated from a female high school in Moscow. She had been working as a high school teacher in the Rousse, Plovdiv and Sofia female high schools. Translator of French and Russian, writer and journalist. Wife of Petko Continue Reading

Govhar khanum Gaibova

Govhar khanum Gaibova is the daughter of the Caucasian mufti, poet and educator Mirza Mohammed Gaibzade. She graduated from the Tiflis Institute of Noble Maidens with a gold medal, taught at the Tiflis and Baku women’s schools, and educated illiterate women. The wife of General Continue Reading

Nigar Huseyn Efendi gizi Shikhlinskaya (October 10, 1871 or March 21, 1878, Tiflis – August 15, 1931, Baku)

Nigar Huseyn Efendi gizi Shikhlinskaya (October 10, 1871 or March 21, 1878, Tiflis – August 15, 1931, Baku) – the first Azerbaijani sister of Mercy, chairwoman of the Hospital of the Ladies’ Committee of the officer’s artillery school at the Red Cross in World War Continue Reading

Elena Lazo-Luzghin (1871-1933)

She was born on January 10, 1871, in Lungeni, Iaşi region, in the family of Stephan Crushevan. She died on 13 March 1933 in Chisinau. A romanian devoted to the work of charity, becomes a member and activates in various institutions operating in Chisinau: the Continue Reading

Elena Alistar (1873 -1955)

Elena Alistar graduated from Primary School in Vaisal, Ismail, and later in 1890, the Eparchial School of Girls in Chisinau. She worked as a teacher in several villages in southern and central Bessarabia: in Valeni village, Cahul region (1890-1891), Rosu village, Cahul region (1891-1893), Zarnesti Continue Reading

The Foundation of Philomath Women (Dprotsʿaser tiknantsʿ ěnkerutʿiwn)

It was created on May 1, 1879 in Constantinople to educate poor girls. During the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II the Foundation was closed, but after the armistice in 1908 the Foundation was opened again. After the armistice in 1918 about 500 orphan girls Continue Reading

Ellen Byuzand (Eghisabet Stamboltsyan) 1895-1970

Ellen was born in Alexandropol (Gyumri). She received education at the Hovnanian School in Tbilisi, and later she studied law in Rostov. Ellen joined the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun from the very young age, she was the secretary of the parliament of Armenia and held Continue Reading

Mariam Khatisyan (1845-1914)

Mariam Khatisyan (1845-1914) was born in Tbilisi, she studied at the Tbilisi Women’s Institute. Mariam organized a special literary salon at her home, where the Armenian intellectuals of Tbilisi were gathering. She studied Armenian in that environment and engaged in cultural activities. Mariam Khatisyan was Continue Reading

Pertchuhi Partizpanian-Barseghian (1886 – 1940)

Image from http://womennet.am Pertchuhi is an Armenian public figure, pedagogue, writer. The wife of Sargis Barseghian (military, political figure). Pertchuhi was born in 1886 in Edirne. She graduated from High School in Plovdiv, then she studied literature and pedagogy in Geneva. At the age of Continue Reading

Hripsime (Lola) Metsaturian-Sasuni (1893 – 1969)

Image from http://www.kantsasar.com Lola Sassouni (Hripsime Metsaturian) was born in 1893, in Akn. She was the niece of Misak Metsarents, Armenian well-known poet. In 1908, her family made their way to Constantinople. From the very young age she was deeply involved in the national-Armenian activities. Continue Reading