“The Foundation of Patriotic Armenian women (Azganuēr hayuheats‛ ĕnkerut‛iwn)”

It was created in April 11, 1879 in Constantinople. Its purpose was to expand the education and enlightenment among the Armenian women. Since the day of its creation this foundation was supported by Armenian patriarchate of Constantinople, but the initiators of the foundation were exceptionally Continue Reading

Brabion Copier (1750-1835)

Brabion was a teacher. She was born in Constantinople, she was of unique educated women of her time, she was known as the first Armenian woman teacher. She always assisted her brother Matt‛os Palatetsi (of Balad), who was a famous intellectual figure. The brother and Continue Reading

Ellen Byuzand (Eghisabet Stamboltsyan) 1895-1970

Ellen was born in Alexandropol (Gyumri). She received education at the Hovnanian School in Tbilisi, and later she studied law in Rostov. Ellen joined the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun from the very young age, she was the secretary of the parliament of Armenia and held Continue Reading

The First Schools for Girls in the Armenia

The first schools for girls in the Armenian reality are the Hripsimiantz school of Smyrna   (Hṛip’simyeants’ varzharan, 1840), Yerevan’s Hripsimiantz school (Hṛip’simyants’ dprots’, 1850), but these schools began to multiply from the middle of the 19th century. The Armenian writer Perch Proshyan was especially noteworthy Continue Reading

Gayane Hovhannisyan- Matakyan (1852-1900)

Gayane was born in Tbilisi in 1852. At age of 18 she engaged in translation acivities, translating both from French and from Russian. She has worked as a surveyor at the Mariamian Girl’s School. Gayane studied pedagogy in Switzerland. Returning to the Caucasus, she dedicates Continue Reading