Bulgarian Women’s Union

The Bulgarian Women’s Union was founded in 1901 as a union of 27 local women’s organizations with the task of working for the intellectual and spiritual rise of the Bulgarian women. The Union worked for the equality of Bulgarian women in three directions – to Continue Reading

Zdrawa Jatschewa (1892, Pleven -?)

Scientist, microbiologist-bacteriologist. Graduated in Medicine at the Bern University. Assistant Professor at the Institute of Bacteriology and Serology at the Faculty of Medicine at the Sofia University (1923-1950). Associate Professor and Professor at the Medical Academy in Sofia. Studied bacterial flora of yogurt and etiology Continue Reading

Ana Chranowa (1899, Sofia – 1981)

Scientist, zoologist. Graduated in Natural History at the Sofia University (1921). Specialized at the Pasteur Institute in Paris (1924), the Fermentation Institute in Berlin (1925-1926), the Zoological Institute at the Greifswalde University (1926), in Berlin (1940, 1958), the Würzburg University (1942-1947). Doctor of Natural Sciences Continue Reading

Maria Dayrova-Hadjiangelova (1876-1943)

Born in Stara Zagora. Graduated at Nancy with scholarship (1899). Private practice in Stara Zagora. School doctor at the Female Pedagogic School in Stara Zagora and the First Female School in Sofia. Specialized Pediatric and Internal Deceases in Paris (1911) and Internal Deceases and School Continue Reading

Elizabeth (Elissaveta) Kara-Michailova (1897-1968)

Kara-Michailova in Vienna Institute for Radium Research, 1920-s Born in Vienna from Bulgarian father and English mother. Graduated in Physics and Mathematics at the Vienna University with a doctorate (1922). She had been working as an Assistant at the Vienna Institute for Radium Research. In Continue Reading

Lyuba Kutincheva (1910-1998)

Born in Tarnovo. In her childhood lived in Romania and Turkey. Graduated from a high school in Romania and journalism in Paris. Correspondent of foreign newspapers. Fluent in French, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Arabic and Esperanto. Traveled in the Middle and Far East, North Africa, South Continue Reading

Milka Petrova-Koralova (1906-1944)

Born in Sofia. Daughter of the prominent feminist Elena Radeva. Graduated in pedagogy and philosophy at the Women’s Higher Pedagogical School in Sevre (1929). She had been working as a teacher in French. With her husband, the writer Emil Koralov, founded and edited the children’s Continue Reading

Olga Tschawowa (1893-1973)

Born in Svishtov from a Bulgarian father and Austrian mother. Graduated from the Rousse Girls’ High School, studied violin and piano at the Academy of Music and Theater Arts in Vienna. Performed concerts in Sofia and Rousse. She had been working as a teacher of Continue Reading