Hayriye Yenisoy (Hayrie Memova-Suleymanova) (1934-2018)

She was born on 1934 in the town of Crichim, Plovdiv district. She graduated Turkish Philology from Sofia University (it was the first course in this specialty whose alumni graduated in 1956, among them H. Memova) and then Bulgarian Philology. At first she worked at Continue Reading

Olga Sergeevna Lebedeva (1854–after 1912)

Olga Sergeevna Lebedeva (née Barshcheva; Russian: Ольга Сергеевна Лебедева 1854–after 1912) was one of the first to introduce Russian literature to Turkey. She is recognised for her pioneering contributions to the literary networks between the Ottoman and she Russian empires at the end of the 19th century. Lebedeva attended Kazan University, studying Continue Reading

Hester Donaldson Jenkins (1869-1941)

Hester Donaldson Jenkins (1869-1941) – a teacher at the American College for Girls in Istanbul (1900-1909). Author of books on the Orient people and the Ottoman lifestyle: Behind Turkish lattices, the story of a Turkish woman’s life (1911), Ibrahim Pasha, grand vizir of Suleiman the Continue Reading