About the Project

The Project “Knowledge Exchange and Academic Cultures in the Humanities: Europe and the Black Sea Region, late XVIII – XXI Centuries” is funded by the European Union within the funding scheme Horizon2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie RISE (= Research and Innovation Staff Exchange).

Online Exhibition “Women and the Transfer of Knowledge in the Black Sea Region”

The aim of the exhibition is to present the place of women in the transfer of knowledge in the Black Sea Region and in its rich cultural representations and its historical dynamics. It looks to present women as objects of male representations and a men-dominated scientific discourse as well as to present them as emerging subjects of knowledge and knowledge exchange by the end of the XVIII and XIX centuries as well as in academic cultures in the 20th century – to illustrate their works, lives, achievements and contributions.
The exhibition aims to present:
- Female images and descriptions as promoted by local traditions and by travel notes of foreigners in the 18th and 19th centuries.
- The emerging visualization of women in the BSR.
- The role of religion in the visualization process of women in the BSR.
- The Orientalist views toward women.
- Discourses (male) about bringing up children and the education of women in a historical perspective.
- Pedagogical theories of the Age of Enlightenment about female education and their dissemination in the BSR.
- Emerging female participation in the public sphere, e.g. the first schools for women, female high schools, access to university, as well as the representation of the female teacher in the 19th-century-BSR.
- The educated woman and her biographical background. Her life, achievements and reception in the society.
- Writing women – e.g. female diaries, letters, and books.
- First female translators and their role in the transfer of knowledge.
- First female periodicals and journalists.
- Women in the civic society in the BSR. Female charity societies and the spread and transfer of social knowledge.
- Women as travelers and their travel notes.
- Women as scientists – the role of women scholars in changing traditional male scientific discourses.
- BSR-feminism. The first feminist societies and issues.
- Famous feminists in the BSR and their participation in international women organizations and congresses, especially in the International Association of University Women.
- Participation in scientific conferences, congresses and other forms of academic life.
- Discussions about the social roles of women and their participation in public life during the 19th and 20th centuries.
- Institutions of women’s memory in the BSR, e.g. museums, archives, collections, and feminists’ walks on places of women’s memory.


Concept:  Nurie Muratova, Kristina Popova, Petar Vodenicharov, Anastasiya Pashova, Mariyana Piskova, Milena Angelova

Autors and Collaborators: Gayane Ayvasyan, Georgeta Nazarska, Claudia Florentina, Dobre, Irada Bagirova, Eudochia Saharneanu, Nurie Muratova, Kristina Popova, Anastasiya Pashova, Marina Aroshidze, Alla Kondrasheva

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