Elissaveta Konsoulova-Vazova (1881-1965)

Born in Plovdiv. Doyen of the Bulgarian women artists, one of the first women graduates of the School of Painting in Sofia (1902). Specialized in Germany (1909-1910). Mother of three daughters, married to a politician. Owner of a private school, founder of the Bulgarian puppet theater, collector of folk costumes and ornaments, feminist activist. Translator from German, French and English. Member and founder of the Rodno izkustvo (Native Art) Society (1921), the House of Arts and Press (1926). Co-founder of Women’s Labor Cooperative for supporting and organizing lace knitwear from Kalofer and of the Balgarski dom (Bulgarian Home) Women’s committee. Owner and editor of the Beseda (Talk) magazine (1934-1940) and the Dom I sviat (House and World) magazine (1940-1943). Contributor in the Hudozhnik (Artist) magazine, the Izkustvo (Art) magazine, Mir (Peace) newspaper, the Den (Day) newspaper (1934-1944).

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