Anastasia Tumanishvili-Tsereteli Born (25 August 1842 – 7 February 1932, Tbilisi)

In 1876 went to Switzerland where she got acquainted with the issues of upbringing children based on Pestalozzi methods, new pedagogical ideas in Switzerland and France. Visited Paris, Zurich. On returning home got involved in cultural-educational life of the country. Soon her literary translations were published – Alphonse Daudet’s “Marshal’s Heartache” and Walter Scott’s “The Highland Widow” as well as her first original story “Father’s Victim”. Was an active member of the Society for Spreading Literacy among Georgians. Opened a primary school in her native village. She was also a founder of the “Society for Mutual Support of Women Teachers and Educators”, founded a children’s journal “Jejili” (wheat shoots) and a women’s organization “Education”.