Ekaterine (Keke) Melikishvili-Meskhi (1854, Tbilisi – 1928)

Ekaterine (Keke) Melikishvili – Meskhi was among those first Georgian women who obtained higher education in Switzerland where she joined the association Ugheli established by Georgian students in Zurich. Along with Keke Melikishvili, the association included other Georgian women too: Kato and Olimpiada Nikoladze, Olga Guramishvili, Pelagia Natsvlishvili, Bogumila Zeminskaya. Keke Melikishvili initiated the opening of higher educational courses for women in Odessa University and was its first dean. She was a member of a circle of women writers of the Society for the Spreading of Literacy among Georgians; led a family printing house; was one of the founders of the publishing house Skhivi and the founder of the association Ganatleba (Education). Member of the Society for Spreading Literacy among Georgians.


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