Fatma Aliye Topuz (1862-1936)

She was born in 1862 in Istanbul. Topuz could not receive any formal education but she managed to educate herself by eagerly listening private lessons that her older brother taught. When she was 17, she married to Faik Bey and had 4 daughters from him. She kept continue writing and translating documents even after her marriage. First, she translated the work of Georges Ohnet’s Volonte as Meram. The translation was published without revealing her name in which she signed it by “a lady”. Her translation was appreciated by the famous writer Ahmet Mithat Efendi. Aliye and Ahmet Mithat then wrote two novels named The Dream (Hayal) and The Truth (Hakikat). Even though she wrote some of the parts herself, the novels were signed by Ahmet Mithat Efendi. Her first own novel was Muhadarat which was published in 1892. She then published four more novels. She passed away in 1936.

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