Olga Tschawowa (1893-1973)

Born in Svishtov from a Bulgarian father and Austrian mother. Graduated from the Rousse Girls’ High School, studied violin and piano at the Academy of Music and Theater Arts in Vienna. Performed concerts in Sofia and Rousse. She had been working as a teacher of music and foreign languages, ​​as a lecturer at the Music Academy in Sofia. Translator from eight languages ​​of novels, short stories and plays. Publishes books with stories and biographies of celebrities. A longtime collaborator of the Bulgarian press with own articles, travel notes, stories, criticisms, and sketches. Traveled to the New York World Fair (1939) and as a correspondent of the Mir (Pesce) newspaper in Germany (1941) to reflect the experience of health and social institutions. Her travel notes from Norway and Iceland were summarized in the books Skitnitsa (1939) and From Bremen to the North (1940). There were saved manuscripts of her travel notes from the USSR, Poland and England.

When a woman travels alone, she experiences everything much stronger, more perfect than a man, everything makes her much more impressed. A woman often notices things that the man would never see […] Traveling to me is a cultural necessity. It is the realization of my will to go out of my familiar life and to enter another, still stranger. For me, the journey is a self-improvement, a longing for touching the secret of the world. […] The trip to me is a pleasure. Do not interfere with the weather, the air, the sleepless nights, the surrounding objects, or the dirt in the wagons (Olga Tschawowa)