Evgeniya Miroshnichenko (1931-2009)

Evgeniya Miroshnichenko was a famous Ukrainian opera and chamber singer. She was born on the 12th of June in 1931 in a small village of Radyanskoe near Kharkiv. Her father was a mechanic and a driver, and her mother used to be a singer in the earl Gendrikov`s theatre before the Revolution of 1917. Evgeniya did not finished her school education because of the World War II. In 1943 her father was killed in combat, for he was a member of a tank crew during the war. At that same year Evgeniya Miroshnichenko entered the vocational school in Kharkiv and started to sing in a choir. She was fond of singing and dancing since early school years. In 1951 Evgeniya took part in the amateur show in Moscow. It was a faithful day for her, because her talent was at once appreciated by a professor of the Kyiv Conservatory and invited to study there in Professor M/ Donec-Tessair`s class. But she did not make a success in non-musical subjects and failed, but was re-admitted again. She graduated from Kyiv Conservatory in 1957. The part of Violetta in the opera “La traviata” of Giuseppe Verdi was Evgeniya Miroshnichenko`s theatrical debut. In 1961 she went to Paris to become a singer of La Scala under the direction of Elvira del Edalgo.

Miroshnichenko had a unique voice – coloratura soprano. But thanks to her talent for dramatic acting she was called “the singer everyone must see”. From 1957 to 1998 she was a leading singer of the Kyiv Opera Theatre. She was not only a singer, but an actress as well, and acted in musical films; she gave performances in the United States, Canada and Western Europe.

Evgeniya Miroshnichenko also was a prominent tutor at the Kyiv Conservatory and in 1990 became a Professor of Vocal Studies. She raised several generations of talented opera singers among which V. Stepova, O. Nagorna, O, Pashuk, O. Kirilovska, I. Zyabchenko, S. Pilkevich, O.Yarova, T. Hodakova were. 

Evgeniya Miroshnichenko lived in Kyiv and spent a great deal of time on teaching and charities. Among her accomplishments are the Foundation of the International Charitable Organizations that has helped in creating the Small Opera Theater in Kyiv.

Evgeniya Miroshnichenko died on the 27th of April, 2009.

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She was a national artist of the USSR, was awarded with the 2nd prize at The International Vocalist contest in Toulouse the 1958, was given the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise in 2001and got the rank of the national hero of Ukraine in 2006.