Muazzez İlmiye Çığ (1914)

She was born in 1914 in Bursa, Turkey. In 1936, she got enrolled in to Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography. In the faculty, she took classes like Language and Culture of Hittite; Sumerian and Acadian Languages and Mesopotamian Culture. After graduating in 1940, she was appointed to the İstanbul Old Eastern Works Museum Archive of Cuneiform Documents. She also worked as the manager of Topkapı Palace between the years of 1970-1978.

In her early years, she attended to the Munich Conference of Orientalist in 1957 and she continued her studies in University of Heidelberg in 1960. After this, she moved the Hittite exhibition, which was displayed in Rome to London in 1965. She was retired in 1972. She translated Prof. Kramer’s book “History Begins at Sumer” into Turkish. After the huge interest to the book, she published 13 books related to Sumerian and Hittite culture involving children’s books such as Kuran, İncil ve Tevrat’ın Sümerdeki Kökeni, Uygarlığın Kökeni Sümerliler, Sümerlilerde Tufan Tufan’da Sümerliler, Ortadoğu Uygarlık Mirası and Sevgili Çocuklar.