Lidia Stoyanova (1901-1988)

Lidia Stoyanova (1901–1988) was born in the town of Lovetch in the family of the professor in surgery Paraskev Stoyanov and the midwife Nina Leyn. Lidia Stoyanova was one of the pioneers of the education of mentally retarded children in the 1920es in Bulgaria and Continue Reading

Hayriye Yenisoy (Hayrie Memova-Suleymanova) (1934-2018)

She was born on 1934 in the town of Crichim, Plovdiv district. She graduated Turkish Philology from Sofia University (it was the first course in this specialty whose alumni graduated in 1956, among them H. Memova) and then Bulgarian Philology. At first she worked at Continue Reading

Participation in scientific conferences, congresses and other forms of academic life (Bulgaria)

The Bulgarian scientific societies, created by men, worked up to the 1920-1930s as a fully “male space”. The acceptance of women in them began after the World War I and was most active in the 1920s. There was a trend for easier entry of women Continue Reading

Ekaterina Zlatooustova (1881-1952)

Born in Varna. Daughter of one of the first Bulgarian teachers with secondary education from Russia. Graduated from high school in Sofia and history in St. Petersburg. Long-time secondary school teacher in Shoumen and Sofia. Assistant professor at the l’Ecole des langues orientales vivantes in Continue Reading

Bulgarian Association of University Women

The Bulgarian Association of University Women was founded in 1924. The members were women from several generations, who associated feminism with various concepts – predominantly liberal. Since 1925 the BAUW became a member of the International Federation of University Women (IFUW). It was headed by Continue Reading

Zdrawa Jatschewa (1892, Pleven -?)

Scientist, microbiologist-bacteriologist. Graduated in Medicine at the Bern University. Assistant Professor at the Institute of Bacteriology and Serology at the Faculty of Medicine at the Sofia University (1923-1950). Associate Professor and Professor at the Medical Academy in Sofia. Studied bacterial flora of yogurt and etiology Continue Reading

Ana Chranowa (1899, Sofia – 1981)

Scientist, zoologist. Graduated in Natural History at the Sofia University (1921). Specialized at the Pasteur Institute in Paris (1924), the Fermentation Institute in Berlin (1925-1926), the Zoological Institute at the Greifswalde University (1926), in Berlin (1940, 1958), the Würzburg University (1942-1947). Doctor of Natural Sciences Continue Reading

Maria Dayrova-Hadjiangelova (1876-1943)

Born in Stara Zagora. Graduated at Nancy with scholarship (1899). Private practice in Stara Zagora. School doctor at the Female Pedagogic School in Stara Zagora and the First Female School in Sofia. Specialized Pediatric and Internal Deceases in Paris (1911) and Internal Deceases and School Continue Reading

Elizabeth (Elissaveta) Kara-Michailova (1897-1968)

Kara-Michailova in Vienna Institute for Radium Research, 1920-s Born in Vienna from Bulgarian father and English mother. Graduated in Physics and Mathematics at the Vienna University with a doctorate (1922). She had been working as an Assistant at the Vienna Institute for Radium Research. In Continue Reading