Mariam Khatisyan (1845-1914)

Mariam Khatisyan (1845-1914) was born in Tbilisi, she studied at the Tbilisi Women’s Institute. Mariam organized a special literary salon at her home, where the Armenian intellectuals of Tbilisi were gathering. She studied Armenian in that environment and engaged in cultural activities. Mariam Khatisyan was one of the founders and longtime president of Armenian Women’s Charity Company of Tbilisi (Tiflisi Hayuhyats’ baregortsakan ĕnkerut‛iwn). Her novels (The Eastern Question, Heghine, On The New Road, Groom Hunters, The Unfortunate Woman) were published in the press or in separate books[1].


[1] See Harutyunyan, Anahit, Century of Outstanding Women, Armenian women’s social activities at 19th and 20th the beginning of centuries, Yerevan 2005, p. 86.