Arionescu-Baillayre Lidia (1880 – 1923)

Arionescu-Baillayre Lidia, (22.03.1880, Chisinau – 1923, Chisinau), painter. She had finished the Art School in Chisinau (V. Ocushko studio) and Academy of Arts in Saint-Petersburg (I. Dmitriev-Kavkazski studio, 1907), together with V. Doncev and A. Baillayre. She participated in exhibitions in Saint-Petersburg and Vilno (1903-1910), Chisinau (1908, 1920, 1933) with works of still life and portraits. During her life she practiced the aesthetics of post-impressionism and neo-impressionism.

Initials works – Portrait of A. Baillayre and Son’s Portrait (1900) have a energetic color scheme that remind by treating the paintings of F. Maleavin. Her daughter, Tatiana Baillayre, born on December 13th, 1910, at Saint-Petersburg, will become also a remarkable artist and painter.

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