Cleopatra Hrșanovschi (1861-1939) – composer

Cleopatra Hrshanovschi (1861, Chisinau – March 15th, 1939, Chisinau) – lied singer, professor and composer.

Graduates the Conservatory in Moscow, canto class (1882-1886), and coming back in Chisinau becomes a teacher and the founder of the Private Music School  “Clasa cantului individual” (“Class of individual singing”) in 1902 at Chisinau. During the interbelic period becomes a member of The Society of Romanian Composers.

She is writing music for children, romances, lieds, scene music, but unfortunately all of them are lost during the bombardment of the Conservatory “Unirea” on July 15th in 1941. A series of romances signed by Cleopatra Hrshanovschi with the lead singer being Sidi Birchental-Sidi-Tal,  that were a part of her personal collection, were lost after her death, that happened in suspicious circumstances.

Cleopatra Hrshanovski and her sister Maria Hrshanovski (1859-1930), contributed a lot for the development of the music culture in Moldova through the courses they were holding at The Private Music School “Clasa cantului individual”.

On December 17th, 2011, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Cleopatra Hrshanovski, one of the first composers and teachers of primary education in Basarabia, a postage stamp was created in her honor.