Anastassia Tosheva (1837-1919)

Born in Stara Zagora, she studied at the Kalofer Female Monastery and the Pedagogical High School in Odessa (1857). She founded the first elementary female school in Pleven (1857). Taught in Pleven, Gabrovo, and Stara Zagora, where became a principal of the Female Municipal High Continue Reading

Rada Kirkovitch (1848-1941)

Born in Koprivstitsa, she studied at the primary school in her own village. Graduated at the Female High School in Kiev with scholarship, Kirkovitch had been working in Plovdiv, Pirdop and Koprivstitsa. She was a principal of the First Female High School – Sofia and Continue Reading

Anastassia Dimitrova (1815-1898)

Born in Pleven in poor family. Adopted by the Bishop’s mother, she attended the Kalofer Female Monastery where trained herself to be teacher, studying geography, history, grammar, arithmetic, etc. Dimitrova taught over 50 years in girls’ schools. She was respected lecturer in hygiene and other Continue Reading

Discourses (male) about bringing up and education of women in historical perspective.

Enlightenment pedagogical theories about female education and their spread in the Black Sea Region In the 19th century a public debate began in Bulgarian society on the question of whether a woman’s education is necessary. On the one hand, the proponents of the traditional view Continue Reading

Khadija Khanim Alibekova

Khadija Khanim Alibekova, one of the first women- enlighters and educators. In 1911 she became the editor of the first female newspaper “Ishik” (“Light”) in the Muslim East. The newspaper was published at the expense of the well-known philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev.

Govhar khanum Gaibova

Govhar khanum Gaibova is the daughter of the Caucasian mufti, poet and educator Mirza Mohammed Gaibzade. She graduated from the Tiflis Institute of Noble Maidens with a gold medal, taught at the Tiflis and Baku women’s schools, and educated illiterate women. The wife of General Continue Reading