Teofana Todorova-Lukash (1868 – 1946)

Born in Stara Zagora. Graduated of the Plovdiv High School of Girls, studied embroidery in Vienna (1890-1891). Housewife to the death of her husband – teacher and from Czech origin. Board member of the Majchina grizha (Mother’s Care) Womens’Society – Plovdiv and a teacher in Continue Reading

Yordanka Filaretova (1843-1915)

Born in Sofia in a wealthy family. His brother was the Sofia mayor Dimitar Hadjikotsev. She studied at the girls’ primary school in Sofia under the guidance of her future husband, Sava Filaretov. She established a Sunday school for older women. During the Russo-Turkish war Continue Reading

Mara Belcheva (1868-1937)

Born in Sevlievo, in a wealthy commercial family. She studied at the Vienna Higher Institute of Girls. Teaching in Ruse and Sofia, and after the murder of her husband, Minister Hristo Belchev graduated German literature in Vienna. Belcheva is one of the first Bulgarian poetesses, Continue Reading

Tsarevna Miladinova-Alexieva (1856-1934)

Born in Struga in a teachers family. She graduated from a high school in Kiev. She had been working as a teacher in Shoumen, Etropole, Svishtov, Prilep and the Bulgarian girls’ gymnasium in Thessaloniki. Her memories were published after her death by her son. She Continue Reading

Emerging female participation in the public sphere: first women schools, female high schools, access to university: the presentation of the female teacher in the 19 century (Bulgaria)

The first evidences of Bulgarian female education are from the end of the 18th – early 19th century, when the idea still had no social support. At that time, the girls were trained by nuns in few monasteries. (Anastassia Dimitrova) Only in 1841, in occasion Continue Reading

Maria Dayrova-Hadjiangelova (1876-1943)

Born in Stara Zagora. Graduated at Nancy with scholarship (1899). Private practice in Stara Zagora. School doctor at the Female Pedagogic School in Stara Zagora and the First Female School in Sofia. Specialized Pediatric and Internal Deceases in Paris (1911) and Internal Deceases and School Continue Reading

Eliza Pasternak-Vladigerova (1869-1952)

Born in Odessa, in a Jewish family. Graduated in Medicine in Paris (1897). Specialized in Obstetrics. Married a Bulgarian. Doctor in Varna and Shoumen, school doctor in Sofia (1905-1912). Working at the Private Gynecological Clinic of Dr. Paul Strassmann in Berlin (1912-1932). Translator.

Tota Venkova (1855-1921)

Born in Gabrovo. Graduated in Medicine in St. Petersburg as a fellow of the Ministry of Education (1886). Doctor in Ruse, Tarnovo, Varna, and Sofia. Specialized in Internal Diseases and Pediatrics in St. Petersburg (1893) and in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Vienna (1895). Founded midwives’ Continue Reading

Elizabeth Clarke (1868-1942)

Daughter of American missionary family in Plovdiv. Graduated preschool pedagogy at the Chicago University, she founded and managed the American kindergarten in Samokov (1898-1900) and Sofia (1900-1932). Established teachers’ courses in Sofia (1929). Elizabeth Clarke with students

Bogdana (Josepha) Iraskova-Hiteva

Born in the Czech lands, she graduated from a pedagogical school in Prague. Married a Bulgarian, became a teacher in female schools in Karlovo, Kalofer, Pazardjik, Vidin, Samokov, Tarnovo, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Varna, and Sofia (1867-1903). She was a member of women’s societies, translator and Continue Reading