Tsarevna Miladinova-Alexieva (1856-1934)

Born in Struga in a teachers family. She graduated from a high school in Kiev. She had been working as a teacher in Shoumen, Etropole, Svishtov, Prilep and the Bulgarian girls’ gymnasium in Thessaloniki.

Her memories were published after her death by her son. She tells them about her teaching in different cities in Bulgaria, the Russo-Turkish liberation war, Thessaloniki and its population, the Ilinden-Preobrazhenie uprising, her father Dimitar Miladinov and her uncle Konstantin Miladinov, for the lost birthplace as a result of the Balkan Wars and others.

And how far am I now in the Kiev years! Still, to my liking, my compatriots, who had met in the first years at the Fundukleev Gymnasium and at the Levice Pavilion, I did not forget one. After Ekaterina Peneva – now Karavelova, Nina Kaludova came from Kotel, also Ikonomova, alias Mrs. Mirska from Varna, also Teodorova and Bregova […]. At last came Kristina Batsarova, the now-known old school teacher and educator of the young Bulgarian generations. These were the Bulgarians in my time in Kiev. At least I remember them. I also remember that they were all diligent and exemplary girls. They loved both our educators and our teachers. They loved them and Russian girls. […]

With Kiev I forgave myself with sorrow – because of the good heart of this typical Russian woman Maria Nikolaeva Lamanska, because of her maternal care for us, the Bulgarians; but because of her infinite devotion to us, the poor Bulgarians, we owe it to her and we owe her eternal appreciation, as we owe eternal charity to all our other teachers, teachers and educators from Kiev. Still today among the images that I preserve as the most precious earthly gift of the Kiev years, the bright faces of teachers and educators who have long been deceased remain in my soul.