Maria Dayrova-Hadjiangelova (1876-1943)

Born in Stara Zagora. Graduated at Nancy with scholarship (1899). Private practice in Stara Zagora. School doctor at the Female Pedagogic School in Stara Zagora and the First Female School in Sofia. Specialized Pediatric and Internal Deceases in Paris (1911) and Internal Deceases and School Hygiene in Berlin (1920). Chief Inspector Doctor at the Bulgarian Ministry of Education (1919-1920). Assistant Professor in Histology and Embrionology at the Sofia University (1918-1933). Member of the Pathologic-Anatomic Association. During the WW I free medical care in orphanages and camps for prisoners of war, courses at the Samaritan Society (for nurses volunteers). Member of the Board of the Bulgarian Women’s Union, editor of the Women’s Voice newspaper (1915-1919). Awarded with the For public service – Women’s Cross Order, First Class, and the Red Cross Order, and the Honorary Sign of Sofia Municipality.