Doctor Heghush Yeghiazaryan (Papazyan)

Doctor Heghush was born in Yerevan. Their house was originally a meeting place for revolutionary youth. After completing her education at the Russian gymnasium, she was absorbed by Russian rich culture. In 1905-1906, when Heghush was a member of the Dashnaktsutyun Student Association, she devoted herself to the secret activities of the Red Cross. Later, Heghush received medical education at the Moscow University.

In 1916, she was responsible for one of the hospitals in Salmast. Throughout the entire volunteer movement of the time, this Armenian woman was fully involved in charity activities.

For over fifty years of her national-public service, she has not only participated in the liberation struggle and the formation of the Republic of Armenia, but also has been involved in ethnography, in particular with scientific descriptions of national costumes.

In this period, the Armenian women created new national structures and contributed to preservation and development of national identity. The women dedicated to the national struggle have organized a variety of activities and assignments and allocated funds to meet the needs of refugees or imprisoned friends.

In: Sona Zeytlian, The role of the Armenian woman in the Armenian revolutionary movement, Los Angeles, California, 1992, p. 172 (in Armenian).