Tiruhi Missakian – Azarian (1891 – 1964)

Tiruhi was born in Constantinople in 1891, she studied at the Esayan School and later started teaching at the same school. The Armenian press was also in the frma of Tiruhi’s interests. She took the administrative responsibility of the “Tchakatamart” (Battle) daily (1918-24), which was published after the ceasefire. This way she became acquainted with Shavarsh Missakian and married him. Later, she was always supporting her husband, starting with the early days of the foundation of “Haratch”. She was also writing her own articles in the newspaper quite often under the pseudonym Sosi, either Notchi. Tiruhi conducted a broad public activity in Paris as well. She put great efforts in the establishment of the Blue Cross and for many years pursued the following goals: Ensuring the needs of Armenian refugees and displaced persons, establishing a network of connoisseurs, teaching Armenian language and history. The branch of the Armenian-French Blue Cross in Paris bears the name of Tiruhi Missakian.

In: Sona Zeytlian, The role of the Armenian woman in the Armenian revolutionary movement, Los Angeles, California, 1992, p. 162 (in Armenian).