The Foundation of Tender Women (Gtʿaser tiknanatsʿ ěnkerutʿiwn (1881)

It was founded by the efforts of Catholic Armenian women in Constantinople. It’s first purpose was to organize and patronize the education process of orphan girls and widows, secondly, to support Armenian schools in provinces. In 1892 a girls’ school was opened in Elazığ (Arm. Kharberd) by the efforts of the Foundation. The contemporary press and public opinion highly estimated the activity of tender women especially underlining their productivity and exceptional dedication[1]

[1] Pōghosian, Epʿrem, Ptmutʿiwn hay mshakutʿayin ěnkerutʿiwnneru, vol. 1, typ. Mkhitarian, Vienna, 1957, 109-113.