The Foundation of Philomath Women (Dprotsʿaser tiknantsʿ ěnkerutʿiwn)

It was created on May 1, 1879 in Constantinople to educate poor girls. During the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II the Foundation was closed, but after the armistice in 1908 the Foundation was opened again. After the armistice in 1918 about 500 orphan girls were sheltered here. After being closed during the disease of Izmir in 1922 it was reopened in Thessaloniki, then was moved to Marseille and finally was established in Paris. The foundation had a school as well, which aimed to educate the girls as mother and woman, to help them be self-sufficient, to keep awaken the national spirit and their sense of public responsibility. In 1948 the French government recognized this school as a secondary one, that on the one hand implemented the program of the French state schools, on the other hand it gave the opportunity to learn Armenian language, literature, history and geography of Armenia[1]:

[1] Teghekagir Dprotsʿaser tiknantsʿ ěnkerutʿean  1927-1928; Haykakan Sovetakan hanragitaran, vol. 3, Yerevan, 1977, 443.