The Foundation of Careful Women (Khnamakal tiknanatsʿ ěnkerutʿiwn (1866)

It intended to favor the girls’ school St. Khach of Selimiye district in Constantinople. Its purpose was to take care of the education of the girls. This Foundation did very important reforms in the program of girls’ education. In 1868 the Foundation of Ararat (Araratean Ĕnkerut‛iwn) was created in order to support the above-mentioned Foundation.  The Foundation of Careful Women functioned until 1872[1].


[1] Pōghosian, Epʿrem, Patmutʿiwn hay mshakutʿayin ěnkerutʿiwnneru, vol. 1, typ. Mkhitarian, Vienna, 1957, 324-325.