The Foundation of Women (Tiknanatsʿ ěnkerutʿiwn)

It was created in April-May, 1866 in Constantinople. The inconsolable condition of the Armenian school both for boys and girls of Icadiye in Üsküdar districts urged the women of this quarter to initiate and carry out the school’s progress. Mrs. Y. Ayvazian, M. Charkhanian, K. Otian sent invitations to the women of the quarter and created this Foundation. It dilated fruitful activity to take care of the progress of girls’ school and to cover their needs[1].  

[1] Pōghosian, Epʿrem, Patmutʿiwn hay mshakutʿayin ěnkerutʿiwnneru, vol. 1, typ. Mkhitarian, Vienna, 1957, 422-423.