The Pious Foundation (Barepashtakan ěnkerutʿiwn)

It was founded on February 1, 1847 in Hasköy (in Constantinople). It was the first foundation of Armenian women. It was genuine cultural foundation, which aimed to provide education for the girls in Hasköy. With the finances of this foundation it was possible to hire teachers of grammar, reading and sewing for the girls. The members of the Foundation were deeply convinced that the nation would really be educated if especially the girls could receive education so that one day they would be able to transfer their knowledge to their children[1].

[1] Pōghosian, Epʿrem, Patmutʿiwn hay mshakutʿayin ěnkerutʿiwnneru, vol. 1, typ. Mkhitarian, Vienna, 1957, 454-455.