Natalia Keşcu – Obrenovici (1859-1941)

Natalia was born in Florence in 1859. She remained orphan and raised by her uncle Constantin Moruzi and his wife Princess Catinca.

Natalia Keşco, only 16 years old, married Prince Milan Obrenovici in Belgrade’s cathedral on October 17, 1875. On March 6, 1882, Serbia became kingdom and Natalia – Queen.

Natalia was the Principal Consort of the Principality of Serbia from 1875 to 1882 and the Queen of the Kingdom of Serbia from 6 March 1882 until 24 October 1888.

 After losing her son, Natalia Obrenovici withdrew from public life. She shared her fortune with the Belgrade University and several churches and monasteries in Serbia. She converted to Catholicism on April 12, 1902, in the church of the Cazin-Perrochaud at Berck-Plage in the department of Pas-de-Calais. She spent the rest of her life in France. During this period she published in Paris the volume “The Memoirs of Natalia – Queen of Serbia” and at St. Petersburg the autobiography “Mother”.