Tumarkin Ana Ester (1875 -1951)

She was born in a rich family of jews in Bessarabia. From 1892 she went to Switzerland where she studied at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Berne, in 1895 successfully supported the doctoral thesis on comparative analysis of the philosophical writings of Continue Reading

Natalia Keşcu – Obrenovici (1859-1941)

Natalia was born in Florence in 1859. She remained orphan and raised by her uncle Constantin Moruzi and his wife Princess Catinca. Natalia Keşco, only 16 years old, married Prince Milan Obrenovici in Belgrade’s cathedral on October 17, 1875. On March 6, 1882, Serbia became Continue Reading

Iulia Hașdeu (1869 -1882) – the girl with the golden pen

Iulia Hasdeu was born on November 14, 1869. At 6 years and 7 months, she wrote a novel about the life and deeds of Michael the Brave. At the age of eight she graduated from the primary school, already enjoying French, English and German, and Continue Reading