Ekaterina Zlatooustova (1881-1952)

Born in Varna. Daughter of one of the first Bulgarian teachers with secondary education from Russia. Graduated from high school in Sofia and history in St. Petersburg. Long-time secondary school teacher in Shoumen and Sofia. Assistant professor at the l’Ecole des langues orientales vivantes in Continue Reading

Teodora Peykova (1892-1979)

Born in Bourgas. Graduated from a high school in Sofia and studied piano and literature in Vienna and Brussels. There graduated home courses too. She published stories and travelogues in the press, translates novels, stories and memoirs from German, French and Russian. Author of cooking Continue Reading

First female translators and their role in the transfer of knowledge (Bulgaria)

During the Bulgarian Revival, translation was evolving rapidly. In its field, 10.9% of the booksellers, or 449 people, translated school, artistic and scholarly literature from Russian, Greek, French, Old Slavonic and Turkish. In the same period, the first 10 female translators with secondary education appeared Continue Reading

Anasstasia Gantcheva-Zografova (1894-?)

Translator from German, English and Polish. She graduated from Slavic literature at the Sofia University and lived in the USA for a long time. Editor-in-Chief of the Polish-Bulgarian Review magazine, participated in many cultural and feminist societies.

Zhivka Dragnewa (1885-1959)

Translated from French, German, and English. She graduated in French and German literature with a doctorate in Zurich. A long-time secondary school teacher, lecturer in German at the Sofia University (1923-1936). Member of the Bulgarian Women’s Union, the Bulgarian Association of University Women, the Union Continue Reading

Sofia Yurukova (1881-1918)

Founder of the Mozajka ot znameniti savremenni romani (Mosaic of Famous Modern Novels) series, (1909-). Graduated at a Catholic Lyceum in Paris. She had been working as a high school teacher in French in Bulgaria. Founded her own Publishing house with the participation of all Continue Reading

Elissaveta Konsoulova-Vazova (1881-1965)

Born in Plovdiv. Doyen of the Bulgarian women artists, one of the first women graduates of the School of Painting in Sofia (1902). Specialized in Germany (1909-1910). Mother of three daughters, married to a politician. Owner of a private school, founder of the Bulgarian puppet Continue Reading

Fani Popova-Mutafova (1902-1977)

Born in Sevlievo in a military officer’s family. She studied in Italy, graduated from a high school in Sofia, applied to study piano at the Munich Conservatory. Author of historical novels. The most prolific and popular Bulgarian writer before 1944. Translator from Italian. Member of Continue Reading

Lyuba Splitkova-Kasarova (1887-1946)

Born in Thessaloniki in Czech teachers  family. She graduated from the high school in Plovdiv and music and philosophy in Prague. Married to a Bulgarian. Translated from Czech. She published poetry in the press. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers and of the Club Continue Reading

Dora Gabe (1886-1983)

Born in the village of Harmanlak, Dobrudja, in a Jewish farm family. Graduated high school in Shoumen. Studied Slavonic literature at the University of Sofia and French literature in Grenoble. She had been working as a clerk. One of the first Bulgarian poetesses. Translator of Continue Reading